Send money to anyone, anywhere, real time

We know the occasion arises when you need to send someone money. Sometimes you need to do it quickly, other times not. Either way, you want it to be easy.

Regardless of the reason - splitting a dinner check, paying for half of a birthday gift, or splitting bills with a roommate – MocaMoney makes it quick and simple.

MocaMoney lets you send money to anyone, anywhere, anytime…in real time, and all you need is an email address.

  1. Choose or add your contact
  2. Tell MocaMoney how much you want to send
  3. Send it

It’s that simple! No really. It really is that simple.

Scheduled or Recurring Payments? Choice of Cards? Yes please!

Don’t want to send the money right away but also don’t want to forget. MocaMoney lets you schedule when you send the money.

Recurring payments? No problem. MocaMoney lets you schedule payments to recur whenever you choose.

MocaMoney also lets you choose which card you want to use to send money. Choose either your MOCA Prime Debit Card or a MOCA Cash Debit Card. It’s up to you.

And since MOCA is all about security, MocaMoney also lets you password protect your payment if you want.

MocaMoney makes it easy. MocaMoney makes it flexible. MocaMoney makes it better.

Sending money using the MOCA app