Alliance Capital Rolls Out MOCA Cards Across The Caribbean and Latin America

– MOCA’s Next-Generation Payment Platform Brings Visa-Powered Contactless Cards,
Virtual Cards, and an Online Payment Assistant to the Caribbean and Latin American Markets –


AUSTIN, TEXAS, JUNE 8, 2021, (Reprinted from Business Wire) – MOCA, a digital-first next-generation card-based payment platform provider, has partnered with Alliance Capital International Bank to become the first Visa-based payments provider to offer contactless cards, virtual cards, an online payment assistant, and more to customers across the Caribbean and Latin America. This expansion into the Caribbean and Latin America enables consumers to forgo cash and pay in whatever way they find most convenient.

Through MOCA’s next-generation payment platform, Alliance Capital customers now have access to advanced controls over each MOCA Card, allowing them to turn them on and off easily, fund the cards, or dispute transactions. For Alliance Capital customers, MOCA’s platform is turning what has been a cash-based society into an environment where consumers can pay in whatever way they wish, including loading virtual cards into digital wallets.

“Having such an advanced and engaging card program has been very exciting for us and our customers,” said Paul Ortega Gonzalez, Director of Technology of Alliance Capital. “MOCA gives our customers complete control over their payments, making them safer and more convenient than ever before.”

MOCA’s platform provides three key benefits – increased revenue for Alliance Capital, and better controls, and a greatly enhanced user experience for their customers. The bank is expecting to increase card and payments revenue through the MOCA platform by maximizing adoption and driving engagement with cards that meet their customers’ specific needs.

“Our cards are contactless, digital-wallet compatible, and can be issued as virtual cards,” said John Burns, CEO of MOCA. “Together, MOCA and Alliance Capital are giving their customers the choice to pay in whatever way they deem the safest and most convenient. Cash is no longer their only option – a first for many consumers in the Caribbean and Latin American markets we serve.”


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