MOCA and Advanced Services International Partner to Expand their Presence Across The Caribbean and Latin America

-MOCA’s next-generation payment platform combined with @dsi’s core processing
and sales expertise creates a formidable combination in The Caribbean and Latin America-

AUSTIN, TEXAS, JULY 13, 2021, (Reprinted from Business Wire) – MOCA, a digital-first next-generation card-based payment platform provider, and Advanced Services International (@dsi), a premier core processing and technology provider to the banking industry in The Caribbean and Latin America, are pleased to announce that they have entered a strategic partnership. MOCA will leverage @dsi’s core processing services and sales expertise to expand more rapidly in the markets they both serve while @dsi will utilize MOCA’s digital-first next-generation card-based payment platform to expand its portfolio of offerings.

@dsi will bring MOCA’s contactless and digital-wallet compatible physical and virtual debit cards and real-time P2P payments to its existing and future customers. @dsi will also offer MOCA’s mobile and desktop apps where each MOCA card can be monitored and controlled. MOCA will use @dsi’s digital core processing offerings to complement its next-generation payment platform, offering banks an integrated solution.

“Partnering with @dsi to distribute our next-generation payment platform is a win not only for MOCA and @dsi, but also for the banks @dsi serves and their account holders,” said John Burns, CEO of MOCA. “MOCA and @dsi are bringing a new level of card and payment flexibility to customers who so far haven’t had it, and we are proud to be part of that.

“Integrating MOCA’s advanced card-based payment platform into our offerings gives us a competitive edge,” said Juan Samaniego, CEO of @dsi. “It’s hard to imagine another core processing provider in The Caribbean or Latin America competing against such a strong offering.”

MOCA and @dsi have already successfully launched their first mutual customer, Puerto Rico-based Alliance Capital International Bank.  “The success of Alliance Capital’s launch represents objective market validation of our integrated solution and is only the first of many banks serving The Caribbean and Latin American markets that can expect to bring advanced card and payment capabilities to their customers,” added Burns.


About Advanced Services International
Founded in 1994, @dsi enables world class innovative solutions and responds to the business needs of financial institutions by leveraging the value of information technologies for its customers. @dsi has business and service partners in the United States, Bolivia, Mexico, Panama, and Venezuela. For information, please visit

About MOCA
MOCA, headquartered in the Austin suburb of Bastrop, Texas, is a fintech company founded and managed by community financial institution and payment industry veterans. With well over 125 years of industry experience, MOCA’s principals have been providing cutting edge financial products to community banks and credit unions for decades. We are prior founders and alumni of familiar names, such as Visa, FundsXpress, Kasasa, the U.S. Treasury, AFFN, Buzz Points, Towny, and others. Our Why is simple: We believe people shouldn’t have to choose between the personal, localized service a community financial institution can offer and best-of breed financial products. We believe you can have both. For more information, please visit

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